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In certain cases in which a buyer so requests, "Collec Todo" can , at its discretion and without talking or accepting any responsibility for damages or loss, pack and ship the items to the buyer, provided the buyer pays in advance for the full cost of shipping and handing.

The cost of shipping and handling varies according to type, size and weight of the package, the shipping method and the shipping destination.

Brass Tacks have worked for a number of prestigious clients and have completed contracts at The Ritz Hotel, Harrods, The Royal Albert Hall, The Berkely Hotel, St Martins in the Field Church, County Hall London, Jaguar and Honda.

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The oldest singing bowls were likely plain, thick and made of metal that was not of uniform consistency.which leaves a lot of room for different antiquity estimates.Antique singing bowls are most easily identified by both their unique sounds and a combination of detailed physical characteristics.It is unrealistic to try to come up with an exact date as even century level estimates are subject to uncertainty.Some individuals have studied singing bowls’ characteristics, consulted with experts and built a gestalt for dating.